About us

"Lovisolo Ricevimenti carries with it an important history that we do not want to forget, but which thanks to the new generations manages to anticipate the changes and to be innovative. What is my greatest satisfaction in this marvelous work? So many times I have found myself being asked this question and the answer is always the same, having managed to start and maintain a staff that works well together and is highly professional, ready at any moment to handle requests which for us are always special, from small to large numbers.

The Lovisolo Ricevimenti service is always tailored specifically to each client’s requirements to create an unforgettable event.

Our company specialized in catering and banqueting can satisfy every request, from create a romantic dinner for two, your faurytail wedding reception up to an exclusive large event with more than a thousand guests. Our objective is to excite you and amaze you each time."

Jacopo Lovisolo